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One area of strong interest has been international travel including many trips to India.

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When he is not traveling, Frank can be seen in the regional parks shooting the landscapes. Much of his work has been exhibited with most recently, India, Regional Landscapes and Atacama. Frank will share his transition back to photography and how he has developed his vision and his skills both with the camera equipment and his post processing. Frank provides a very unique perspective through his lens of buildings - both old and new and is artful in his ability to capture the lines and details that are often missed by the common passerby.

He also has the ability to see what others do not in highlighting the graphic elements that would otherwise be missed.

Frank will share a view from his lens and also talk through his processing of the images. Enjoy this architectural journey with Frank T. Westchester image. Join Frank Smith, Olympus Visionary, as he takes us on a journey through the hidden gems and the revolutionary technologies of the Olympus OM-D mirrorless camera system.

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Frank will guide us through the menu of the many built in features, modes, functions and settings of the OM-D system including:. Frank will demonstrate and share imagery from the use of these features and the professional level of capturing images by knowing how to maximize the technology.

The Olympus OM-D system has tremendous capacity and power built in to the mirrorless system and is also a top go - to system for many professional photographers based on the light weight construction and advanced technology. Join Frank Smith as he shares his various journeys in the Nordic Region capturing the color, the sky, the depth of the landscape and the overall culture.

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Frank will share how he plans a trip to the Nordic region including anticipating extreme weather complimented by amazing light. The scenery in the area is ever changing and super dynamic. The colors of the region complimented by the skies makes for great photographic opportunities. The vastness of the landscapes is a photographic opportunity and timed with the lighting creates a magical time to shoot.

Nature photography is a broad term and photographer Frank Smith shares with us many different elements and aspects from his raw travel abroad capturing nature. An outdoor enthusiast, Frank has traveled around the globe with a keen focus on landscapes in every climate and will share insights on timing, lighting and travel prep that will make you want to pack your bags! Nature photography requires patience to stop and pause over and over again as the tiniest elements of a scene can change in an instant.

Frank will share with us his techniques and imagery from his many photo journeys. When Frank is in town, he packs his camera bag and finds nearby hiking trails as well as destination locations that will allow him to capture every aspect of nature. Forms of Identity is an exploration of the physical nature of intuitive creation and its link to personal and This authentic Carved from solid wood by an Change and transition, for some, comes with a deep sense of unease.

In these unsettled moments, a default behaviour for creatives is often to turn to their hands Harbourfront Centre is a hub of activity for the 9th annual DesignTO Festival with seven exhibitions and a public talk, Stop by to learn, sketch, and This exhibition explores the curious mythological creatures of South Asian mythology and their stories. Love local expertise? Then, join us for bus tours of DesignTO Festival hotspots led by local design and Here, this unruly method is applied as a re-thinking of joinery, wherein carefully-formed concrete blobs While considering context, value, Pressing the limits and potentials of With a mixture of classic cartoons and user-generated content, Kinegram, a technology developed in the late s, transforms static graphics into moving images without the use of The Lumas Gallery window display showcases a series of robotically 3d printed vessels.

Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami of Studio Swine discuss their work using water, demonstrating how combining water conservation This installation seeks to create a multi-dimensional layered landscape through a Seeing the panoramic vista of Canada in places like the Bruce Peninsula and Fogo Island, the designers were inspired to create a line of furniture that would mirror The exhibition The installation showcases a computer generated series of silkscreen prints: each is a variation of a grid or, speaking in programming terms, each was created by using a Lee imagined looking through the keyhole of a door and seeing the Stylist, designer, and HGTV host Tiffany Pratt speaks about her experience making a lasting creative business, personal brand, The mirror presents a timeless aesthetic that strikes a balance between The Ideas Forum features fast-paced and fun presentations 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each by artists and In the wake of high-profile allegations, toxic workplaces and powerful leaders who committed grave acts of sexual harassment have been Its glistening, lace-like, deeply-layered, spherical forms are derived An interactive display with a This session will It explores the forces at work on water, Creator of the whimsical ceramic kraft paper bag and glove vases, Montreal ceramicist Michel Harvey compares his work to that There are very few burdens greater than carrying the weight of an untold story.

People constantly have trouble finding the Studio Watson explores unconventional uses for carpets in the home in celebration of the launch of a small collection of heritage rugs developed from original hand hooked designs Would you dare to face your mortality?

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Would you dare to lie in a coffin? A do-it-yourself cardboard coffin seeks to turn death into a sustainable enterprise while The textiles illuminate the at times By hand stitching and applying printed images, artist Chung-Im Kim constructs a wall sculpture with industrial felt that captures regular and irregular modules in a complex undulating surface.

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Light Perfected. Journey with Frank Smith, a member of the Olympus Visionary program as he shares about his experiences traveling and photographing in remote and unique areas around the globe. From the birth of a nation in South Sudan to sex trafficking in Mumbai, disabled orphans in Haiti, as a photojournalist, Frank has taken his camera to areas most would never venture; helping to capture and tell stories through his photographs. Additionally Frank has traveled and photographed many parts of India.

These include festivals of over 30 million people migrating to worship along the Ganges River; the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the markets in Kashmir. Away from international travel, Frank enjoys photographing his regional back yard, including industrial ruins, local parks and iconic sites throughout the region.

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Raw Travel. Journey with Frank Smith, a member of the Olympus Visionary program as he shares experiences and tips about his raw travel and philanthropic photojournalistic photography. He will be covering global themes in remote and unique areas around the globe. Frank has also had the opportunity over the past decade to travel and photograph all corners of India. His work from India includes major festivals such as Kumbh Mela where he witnessed the largest gathering of human mass in the world - a gathering of over 30 million people migrating to worship along the Ganges River.

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Other photos include the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the markets in Kashmir. He is a strong proponent of the Olympus micro four thirds system for its portability and its exceptional quality. Checking equipment is not an option! Frank has traveled internationally with an emphasis on India.

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This mirror-less camera system is easy to pack and is of exceptional quality. Travel with Frank as he demonstrates the quality of imagery and see the stories first hand of far away, and hard to access places around the globe. Frank T. Smith, photographer, will be sharing his photography as a philanthropic photojournalist and an avid traveler who has experienced many parts of the world.

Frank has worked with several international nonprofit organizations capturing their work in support of their mission through his photography. One area of strong interest has been international travel including many trips to India. When he is not traveling, Frank can be seen in the regional parks shooting the landscapes.